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Who we are, what we do and why we love Delmosa.


About Delmosa

Welcome to Delmosa, where our mission is to offer the finest artisanal non-alcoholic beverages. Our products are distinguished by their refinement and character, crafted not only as a delicious refreshment, but as the perfect complement to great food. In our bottles you will find old, heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables, select herbs, and distinctive elements from the forest, providing depth and complexity absent in most non-alcoholic drinks. We choose beverages that have a unique story, that serve as an expression of local culture.

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Executive Team

Bruce Blosil is Founder and CEO of Delmosa. After 10 years as a political and business journalist, Bruce decided to engage his passion for the culinary arts by working for leading restaurateurs in New York City. It was a great education, and the experience taught Bruce that his primary food interests lie much closer to the land, the world’s great agricultural regions, and the purveyors who craft extraordinary products from nature’s bounty.

Tammy Blosil is Cofounder and COO of Delmosa. Tammy possesses a wide breadth of knowledge and experience in creating business solutions and organizing business processes. Prior to Delmosa, Tammy was the architect for the first-of-its-kind online university specifically tailored for North America association executives. She is a well-respected thought-leader, possessing nearly two decades of experience in online learning and instructional design. Growing up in California, and in traveling around the globe Tammy often sought high quality non-alcoholic beverages to pair with a good meal, which became the inspiration for a new business.