Feast for the Senses

Sitting in a fine restaurant, attending a special event, or just visiting with friends, you’re about to embark on a gastronomic journey when you realize there is a problem — while there is plenty of wine and alcohol to consume, the needs of the discerning non-drinker have been overlooked.

Take heart. Delmosa has become a leader in curating the finest terroir-driven non-alcoholic beverages produced throughout the world and is partnering with sommeliers and beverage directors to provide their guests outstanding alcohol-free options. Our drinks are made by skilled master-craftsmen respected throughout the wine and beverage industry. Our producers “Let Your Tastes Travel” so you can experience ciders from Normandy, France, Priseccos from Germany, and sparkling rhubarb from Quebec, Canada – all minus the alcohol.

While mocktails and other spirit-free mixers have their place in bars and restaurants, those seeking sophisticated dining without the alcohol can now enjoy the same terroir-driven beverage pairing experience that winedrinkers have come to expect for centuries