Our Story

In 2001, we traveled to Quebec City, Canada for the first time. Passing through the walled entrance to the old town, with its cobbled streets and stone buildings, was like stepping back in time.

After checking in to our hotel, we asked the concierge for dinner recommendations and were directed to a small restaurant a few blocks away.

Quebec City, Canada

As non-drinkers, we ordinarily ignore the wine list, but this time we decided to thumb through the thick leather binder, hoping to find something unusual, elusive, and relevant to our meal – a sophisticated non-alcoholic beverage. To our delight we discovered, at the very bottom of the last page, the St Nicolas Moût de Pomme.

We ordered a bottle, then another. It was deliciously crisp, not overly sweet, and paired well with our food.

St. Nicolas, Quebec, Canada

Why don't more restaurants and retailers, we thought, offer such beverages? Assisted by the concierge at the hotel, we located Cidrerie St. Nicolas, just 35 minutes from Quebec City. On our way out of town the next day, we drove by to purchase a few cases to take home. Each time we opened a bottle it reminded us of Quebec, and the difficulty in finding elegant, refined non-alcoholic beverages in the United States.

So, we decided to be part of the solution, and to join the food revolution sweeping across America, raising the bar on what we consume. With 35% of U.S. adults abstaining from alcohol, and more and more people cutting back, the timing for our business proposition seemed right.

Over the next few years we visited a number of beverage producers in different parts of the world -- walking their vineyards, fields, and orchards, listening to their stories, observing their production methods and, of course, tasting their wares. This process introduced us to many exceptional craftsmen and helped us to define the standard which now governs our choice in products.

Welcome to Delmosa.

Bruce and Tammy

Manassas Battlefields, VA Oct 2014