Our Producers

The cultivators and master craftsmen behind our artisanal beverages.

La Ferme d'Achille –

17 years ago Samuel Saint-Germain and Carolyne Julien of Saint-Ubalde, Quebec, embarked on an ambitious journey to establish an agrifood business based on sea buckthorn, a prickly shrub native to northern latitudes that produces a highly nutritious orange berry. Samuel's background in forestry and Carolyne's skills as a chef made them an ideal team to take on the challenge of building an organic farm that now boasts thousands of sea buckthorn bushes and an on-premise culinary kitchen that utilizes the fruit, leaves, and seeds to produce juices, teas, seasonings, and even hot sauce.

Delmosa is pleased to offer the delicious and nutritious non-alcoholic Argouille from La Ferme d'Achille.

Du Minto, Quebec, Canada

Cidrerie Du Minot –

Robert and Joelle Demoy left their native Brittany in the late 1970s to settle in Quebec. Robert, an oenology graduate from the University of Bordeaux, worked a few years for a leading Quebec manufacturer of wines and ciders before he and his wife decided to devote themselves entirely to apple cider production. In 1986 the Demoys established Cidrerie Du Minot in Hemmingford, -- 35 miles south of Montreal -- a region known for its gravelly soil and exceptional microclimate. Inspired by traditional Breton techniques, Cidrerie Du Minot has been producing high quality ciders for nearly 30 years garnering both national and international acclaim. In 2011 the day to day management of this great family business passed to the Demoy children, Alan and Audrenne, who share their parents dedication and passion for producing world class ciders.

Delmosa is pleased to offer the deliciously crisp non-alcoholic Du Minot Le Clos.

Cidrerie St Nicolas –

On the bluffs above the St Lawrence River, just south of Quebec City, lies a fertile agricultural region known as Little Normandy. Here, Pierre Lafond and Patricia Daignault, owners of Cidrerie St. Nicolas, harvest fruit from some of the oldest apple orchards in North America to make their award winning ciders and sparkling juices. When the couple purchased the land 35 years ago, it had been neglected for decades, with apple trees dispersed amongst the dense forest. Pierre put his training as a forestry engineer to work, and the orchard was soon flourishing once more. So, too, is their award winning cider business, which now includes Pierre and Patricia’s children.

Delmosa is pleased to offer Cidrerie St Nicolas’ finely balanced non-alcoholic sparkling apple cranberry must, made with the fresh juice of local cranberries.

St. Nicolas, Quebec, Canada

Domaine Eric Bordelet –

Eric Bordelet had a long and distinguished career as one of the leading sommeliers in Paris until his native Normandy called him back home. He proceeded to revitalize his family apple and pear orchards at Château de Hauteville with the objective of producing ciders that could rival wine in complexity and sophistication. All of the fruit used in Bordelet ciders are heirloom varieties that pre-date the French Revolution, and many of the trees on the Bordelet estate are more than 200 years old. Eric Bordelet is now recognized as one of the world's great cider makers, and with the encouragement of Delmosa he has recently produced his first non-alcoholic 'sydre'.

Delmosa is pleased to offer the exceptional non-alcoholic Perlant Jus de Pomme a Sydre from Domaine Eric Bordelet.

La Rhurbarbelle, Quebec, Canada

La Rhubarbelle –

While visiting France, Quebecois Brigitte Keszthelyi became enchanted with rhubarb, especially rhubarb juice. This new found affection for the tart vegetable would change the course of her career. Quebec, like France, is renowned for its fine ciders, but Brigitte discovered that there was no local rhubarb beverage to compare with what she had enjoyed in Europe. So she took matters quite literally into her own hands, left her job in corporate marketing, bought a plot in the country, planted several varietals of rhubarb, and started experimenting. Today Brigitte sells as many bottles of her perfectly crafted rhubarb juices as she can make.

Delmosa is pleased to offer La Rhubarbelle’s delicious non-alcoholic sparkling and still rhubarb.

Manufaktur Jörg Geiger –

In 2004, Jörg Geiger, a trained chef, began to envision a new line of non-alcoholic beverages that would utilize the scarce and precious varieties of apples and pears that grow near his home in Schlat, Germany, often referred to as an orchard paradise. The family business had been producing quality liqueurs, hard ciders and wines for years, but Jörg was determined to use his culinary expertise for the creation of refined, alcohol free drinks that fully reflect the character and complexity of the local fruit. Ten years later, Manufaktur Jörg Geiger has an impressive line of Priseccos crafted from the bounty of the orchards, herbs, spices, and even the pressings of leaves and branches. The company considers itself a steward of the land, and invests in maintaining the unique ecosystem of Schlat and its surroundings, where fruit trees reach 150 years in age, and many species of birds call home.

Delmosa is pleased to offer a rotating selection of delicious non-alcoholic Priseccos from Manufaktur Jörg Geiger.

Schlat, Germany Jorg Geiger 2014

Roomi –

Roomi was created out of necessity. Like many people today, Swedes Michael Toivio, and Barbro and Dan Trum were looking for sophisticated non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy with a good meal. Not finding much to their liking, the friends teamed up with chef Görgen Tidén and organic fruit farmer Tomas Tillman to craft culinary beverages from the raw juice of Swedish berries and wild elements foraged from local forests. The resulting products have uncommon depth and complexity.  And people are taking note. In just a year since launching their business, the founders of Roomi are elevating the pleasure of pairing fine food with alcohol free beverages.

Delmosa is pleased to offer the delicious non-alcoholic Roomi Svarta Vinbar and Rabarber-Lingon.

Sekthaus Raumland –

Volker Raumland is considered to be one of the finest producers of sparkling wine in Germany. Sekthaus Raumland began operations in 1990 in the village of Flörsheim-Dalsheim, just west of the Rhine. The area is a sea of beautifully manicured vineyards, and home to several other top German producers. Volker and his wife Heide-Rose are passionate about their craft, and are among the few German winemakers to use biodynamic methods.

Delmosa is pleased to offer Raumland’s delicious non-alcoholic white and red Traubenseccos.

Raumland, Germany
Nett, Germany

Weingut Bergdolt-Reif & Nett –

The foundation for this winery was laid in 1838 with the construction of vaulted limestone cellars. Situated in the village of Duttweiler, Germany, an area with a temperate climate and rich soil perfectly suited for growing high quality grapes, the winery is led today by Christian Nett, a young, ambitious, and talented viniculturist and enologist. He leads his team in creating a number of excellent still and sparkling wines. Using both traditional and progressive techniques, Christian is building a solid reputation for Nett

Delmosa is pleased to offer the delicious non-alcoholic Nett Brunetti.