Beskows VY Sloe & Apple


Country of Origin: Sweden.

Ingredients: Dealcoholized special cider (apple, paradise apple, rowanberry), cold-pressed juice of apple (Cox Orange), rhubarb, wild blueberries, wild sloe berries, cherries. Contains sulfite from cider.

Aroma: Pure and clear aroma of sloe berries and blue berries with herbaceous notes.

Taste: Light bodied, semi-dry, freshly fruity with refreshing acidity and noticeable fruit tannins at the end. Wonderful blueberries and sloe berries against a background of fruit wine and rhubarb.

Serving suggestions: Pâtés, Herb-grilled lamb, or poultry with rich sauces, mashed potatoes or creamy gratin, baked vegetables or pickled accessories.

Serve cool 55 – 60 degrees.


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