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Country of Origin: Germany.

Ingredients: Juice of dark cherries, heritage pears and apples, dealcoholized cider, red bell pepper, beetroot, aronia, meadowsweet, oxalis. Alcohol free. Still. Gently pasteurized.

Aroma: Floral with notes of roasted dark vegetables and cherries.

Taste: Subtle smoky notes, dark berries, underlaid with earthy notes and the tart bitter herbaceousness of peppers and cherry.

Serving suggestions: Braised beef, lamb, rich poultry, grilled vegetables.

Serve chilled 50 – 55 degrees.

750 ml

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  1. Heather Stave

    Absolutely blew my mind. This is how non alcoholic beverages should be – a perfect pairing with beef rib roast, and everything I was looking for in NA wine when I first started medication that I cannot have any alcohol with. This is not a wine. It’s not a NA wine. It’s so much more. An absolute dream for pairing with foods. Thank you guys so much for giving us an absolutely delicious, sophisticated alternative to alcohol. Cheers!

  2. Zach Mongie

    Beautiful drink to pair with a meaty main! Slightly honey-like and complimented with warming spices I was blown away! Also great customer service!

  3. Shelby C

    Very earthy and herbaceous on the nose- think cab frank or blaufrankish. Well balanced fruit and vegetal flavor profile with a medium light bodied weight. A hint of sweetness but by no means cloying. It doesn’t have wines traditional acid structure but it’s still light on its feet. Delightful as a pairing option or something to sip on by its self.

    Curious how long is “lasts” once open. I opened a bottle a week ago – used a vacuum cork and left it on the counter. It tasted as it did a week ago but I’d probably keep it in the refrigerator after opening next time.

    • Delmosa

      Thank you for your in-depth review. Glad you enjoyed this bottle. Yes, we recommend refrigerating after opening, then bringing it back up to your desired temperature when ready to drink again. Still beverages should last up to 2 weeks once opened if properly stored.

  4. Anna Santos de Dios

    An amazing match for spicy roast chicken and vegetables; it completely stands up to anything with a bit of heat, even if it’s not rich or heavy. As noted earlier, my extras did keep nicely for a couple weeks with a silicone bottle stopper. Can’t thank you enough for offering such a fantastic NA option.

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