Jörg Geiger Summer Pear


Seasonal Beverage. Available Spring/Summer/Fall. 

Country of Origin: Germany.

Ingredients: Juice of Welsche and Palmische pears, chamomile, lime blossoms, and green oats. Alcohol free. Lightly sparkling. Gently pasteurized.

Nose: Fruity, soft scent of ripe yellow pears with fresh summery notes of chamomile and lime blossom.

Palate: Sweet lush notes of soft ripe pears and flowers, balanced with subtle tartness.

Serving suggestions: An aperitif, light cheeses, grilled pork, fruit desserts.

Best well chilled 45 – 50 degrees.

750 ml

Quantity discounts available: 10% off a case of any 12 beverages

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  1. Elena Martin

    This one is my favorite. It is light and very refreshing. When i drank it, it waa like a burst of flavorfull happiness. It has the perfect amount of sweetness. Just delicious.

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