Jörg Geiger Winter Pear on Vanilla


Country of Origin: Germany.

Ingredients: Juice of Gelbmöstler, Nägelesbirne, and Schweizer Wasserbirne pears, spices. Alcohol free. Lightly sparkling. Gently pasteurized.

Aroma: Fruity, soft scent of ripe yellow pears with the spicy notes of tonka bean, fresh wood and vanilla.

Taste: Sweet lush notes of ripe pears paired with the spicy flavors of old pear varieties, balanced with spices, giving it a long finish.

Serving suggestions: Pork tenderloin, blue cheese, gingerbread.

Best well chilled 45 – 50 degrees.

750 ml

Quantity discounts available: 10% off a case of any 12 beverages

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  1. Jason

    I’ve had a lot of sparkling juices before. So, I figured this would be good, but not much different than other brands. When my nose took in the aroma of the first glass, I was floored. Such complex aromas. Fantastic product. Then the first sip. I loved it. Great with harvest foods, gingerbread, smoked cheeses. Such a nice complement to a meal.

  2. Robin

    I enjoyed my bottle with a Valentine’s Day meal. It was amazing! Rich flavor with just a hint of winter spices. The complexity of flavor is unique and delicious. Thank you for providing a sophisticated beverage option for my meal!

  3. jzxw66

    I am very in love with this drink, however I only had one bottle as a gift from Per Se in NYC. I would love to purchase more if there is any availability.

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