La Ferme d’Achille Argouille Strawberry Basil


Special notes: This beverage is made from the whole sea buckthorn berry and is unfiltered. As a result the pulp may accumulate in the neck of the bottle. If needed, gently turn the bottle back and forth to reincorporate the pulp. Also, to maintain the optimum flavor and color of this beverage it should be stored in a cool environment below 50 °F.

Country of Origin: Canada.

Ingredients: Organic sea buckthorn juice from the whole berry, spring water, organic sugar, strawberry, basil, juniper, lime, ginger. Sparkling.

Aroma: Notes of citrus and wood and fresh berries.

Taste: Tart, fruity citrus, with notes of red berries, ginger, and herbs.

Serving suggestions: A refreshing beverage on its own, brunch, or served with charcuterie and cheese.

Best well chilled 40 – 45 degrees.

750 ml

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