La Rhubarbelle Petillant


Seasonal Beverage. Available June – December

Country of Origin: Canada.

Ingredients: A blend of fresh juice from three heirloom varieties of rhubarb, water, pure cane sugar. Alcohol free. Sparkling.

Aroma: Notes of freshly picked rhubarb.

Palate: Tart, fruity, with slight vegetal notes.

Serving suggestions: A delightful aperitif, salads, soft cheeses, desserts.

Best well chilled 45 – 50 degrees.

750 ml

Quantity discounts available: 10% off a case of any 12 beverages

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  1. Marcia

    I couldn’t get enough of this. It reminded me of my great-grandmother’s rhubarb pie. This is exquisite — slightly sweet to start, then that tart nip at the end. Perfect.

  2. Mark

    La Rhubarbelle Pettillant Is a family favorite! Wonderfully tart with just the right amount of sweet.

  3. Anna Santos de Dios

    An absolutely charming sip–the best of sweet-tart rhubarb, with a slight astringency that marries well with mild cheeses or balances a traditional dessert course. This was my “gateway beverage” to all of Delmosa’s amazing offerings!

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