Roomi Svarta Vinbär-Aronia


Country of Origin: Sweden.

Ingredients: Raw Musts of blackcurrants and chokeberries, water, spruce shoot syrup, French oak, vanilla, black pepper. O.5% alcohol. Still. Organic.

Aroma: Big, soft and generous with hints of cedar and spruce shoots.

Taste: Dry, soft tannins, rich dark fruits with a hint of spruce and oak, light spice and pepper on the finish.

Serving suggestions: Dishes of beef, game and rich poultry such as goose and duck. Also excellent for flavorful cheeses, cured meats, dried meats, black pudding and hearty vegetarian dishes.

Best served cool  55 – 60 degrees.

750 ml

Quantity discounts available: 10% off a case of any 12 beverages

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  1. Ralph Dinlocker

    Doers it have to be refrigerated after opening?

    • Delmosa

      Yes, the Roomi products should be refrigerated after opening and will be good for up to 10 days thereafter. Since we recommend drinking Roomi when only slightly cool, remove the bottle from the fridge 30 mins prior to serving.

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