Delmosa’s Story

Delmosa’s story began in 2001 during a trip to old Quebec City. 

As passionate world travelers—and non-drinkers—Bruce and Tammy Blosil established their love of sophisticated non-alcoholic beverages after ordering a bottle of St. Nicolas Moût de Pomme at a small Québécois restaurant. 

The following day, Bruce and Tammy drove 20 miles out of Quebec City to Cidrerie St. Nicolas and purchased a few cases of non-alcoholic sparkling cider to enjoy back home. Each time they opened a bottle, the aromas and flavor reminded them of their travels to Quebec but also reinforced their struggle locating refined non-alcoholic beverages in the United States. A sizable percentage of American adults abstain from alcohol, yet no one seemed to be offering this audience much beyond sugary sodas and juice.

Old Quebec
Bruce and Tammy

So, Bruce and Tammy decided to create a solution.

Together, the broadcast journalist and association executive dedicated the next chapter of their lives to finding and importing the finest non-alcoholic beverages from around the world.

Today, Delmosa is a curator of grower-producer, terroir-driven non-alcoholic beverages crafted by uniquely talented people in Europe and Canada. Delmosa’s bottles celebrate authentic ingredients harvested from special lands and are served as an expression of local culture.

Our Producers

Meet the Team

Bruce Blosil

Delmosa Founder & CEO

After his decade-long career as a political and business journalist, Bruce decided to engage his passion for the culinary arts by working for leading restauranteurs in New York City. It was a tremendous education that expanded Bruce’s knowledge and appreciation for sourcing and using the best ingredients and ultimately developed his desire to work with purveyors of artisan products.

Tammy Blosil

Delmosa Co-Founder & COO

Before Delmosa, Tammy was the architect for the first online university tailored for North American association executives. With nearly two decades of experience as a learning development strategist and instructional designer, Tammy brought her expertise in business solutions to Delmosa. As a native Californian and world traveler, Tammy’s desire for sophisticated non-alcoholic beverages became the inspiration for Delmosa.

Our Standard


Because What Goes Into Your Body Should Be as Pure as the Land It’s Grown On