Domaine Eric Bordelet

How Eric Bordelet Became One of the World’s Greatest Cider Makers

Eric Bordelet had a long and distinguished career as one of Paris’s leading sommeliers.

After gaining years of expertise at 3 Michelin Star restaurant Arpege, Bordelet knew it was time to start a new chapter at his native Château de Hauteville. He returned to his family’s picturesque Normandy estate, where he used his knowledge of wine to revolutionize the world of traditional cider making.

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picture of bordelet orchard

“The fruit is not what you would find in a grocery store. Rather they are small and intensely flavorful with acids and tannins that are perfect for making cider, and they are all organic.” ‒Eric Bordelet

Normandy is known for its maritime traditions, quiet country roads, and rich history. Here, Bordelet settled in and began revitalizing his family’s historic apple and pear orchards, where the roots of two-hundred-year-old fruit trees continue to pull nutrients deep from within the Earth and nourish apple and pear varieties that pre-date the French Revolution.

A student-turned-sommelier, Bordelet has been able to blend his knowledge of biodynamic farming, the fruit, and traditional techniques into every sip of his organic, invigorating ciders. 

Today, Eric Bordelet is recognized as one of the world’s greatest cider makers. 

Delmosa & Bordelet: An Unexpected Partnership

In 2014, Delmosa founder Bruce Blosil read about Eric Bordelet in a book called World’s Best Ciders. He contacted Bordelet about producing a non-alcoholic cider for Delmosa but was met with skepticism and resistance. “I was not interested at first,” Bordelet said, telling Bruce, “I do not make kid's drinks.” Bordelet also said that it would be difficult to produce a high-quality cider without alcohol.” 

Bruce visited Bordelet at his Normandy estate three times, insisting that Delmosa wasn't interested in a sugary kid’s drink either, but a premium beverage that honored Bordelet's style and brand—minus the alcohol. To help Eric Bordelet understand Delmosa's vision for sophisticated non-alcoholic beverages, Bruce introduced Bordelet to the Delmosa website. 

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“I was impressed by the design and marketing approach with its emphasis on terroir and culture.” 

As he explored Delmosa’s producers, Bordelet recognized Du Minot’s Robert Demoy—a highly-regarded cider maker from Brittany, and one of Bordelet’s mentors from many years ago. “I thought if he is doing this, then perhaps I should consider it as well.”

In the end, Bruce’s persistence was successful. Delmosa now proudly offers the exceptional cider Perlant—a non-alcoholic masterpiece crafted with the expertise of a seasoned sommelier.

Discover the Taste of Perlant


Domaine Eric Bordelet
Juice of 6 varieties of organic bitter-sharp, bitter-sweet, and sour heritage cider apples, carbon dioxide. Contains sulfites. Lightly sparkling. Gently pasteurized. 750ml/25.4 fl. oz